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National Register of Systematic Kinesiologists

We would like to warmly welcome you here and trust that you will enjoy the vast benefits of Kinesiology in your life.

The Network is linked to the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (TASK) who are the pioneers of Systematic Kinesiology in the UK since 1976. As the longest established school, TASK has been providing top quality training for over 30 years and as the largest academy, providing the UK and Europe with the majority of it's highly trained and respected Kinesiologists.

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Understanding Kinesiologists Qualifications

Health professional - A qualified practitioner in a complementary modality that has completed the Foundation Course in Systematic Kinesiology and uses Foundation Level Kinesiology to assist with health and well being.

Practitioner, Cert.TASK - A qualified Systematic Kinesiologist who has been throughly trained to Practitioner level in the systems of the body addressing Emotional, Nutritional, Physical and Energetical imbalances.

Diploma, Dip.TASK - A qualified Systematic Kinesiologist who has completed both the Practitioner and Diploma courses. The further study involves all the above plus addresses deeper and more problematic structural problems, prolapses, pH balancing, nutritional testing and emotional trauma.

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